Preparing for Daycare – Packing Healthy Food


Okay so you have the lunchbox and the lunchbox name labels done but what about the food that goes into the lunchbox?  Not only do you have to meet the daycare rules and provide food that is healthy and nutritious, but you also need to appease your kids’ picky eating habits.

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Here are some clever healthy food ideas for the lunchbox that will fool even the fussiest eater.

Bake muffins’ with hidden fruit and veggies

This mom tells how her daughter eats strawberry apple sauce, strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream and pretty much everything strawberry except actual strawberries.  Her daughter said they tasted terrible.

It’s no secret: kids love muffins. Fruit and vegetables such as pumpkin, banana, blueberries and zucchini can all be snuck into the diet of your unsuspecting child.  Not only are they easy to make but you can also store them in the freezer in small batches and then grab them as needed.

Mom Hack: Spinach turns your muffins green.  Unless you personally really like spinach, try calling them hulk muffins, or monster muffins to make them sound fun.

preparing for daycare

Get some shape cutters for food 

Lots of kids don’t like the crusts on bread.  This tip comes from a mom whose daughter doesn’t just dislike crusts on bread and pizza but also removed so-called crusts on pancakes and hot dog rolls.  By purchasing some food cutters or cookie cutters you not only remove all traces of a crust but instantly turns ordinary sandwiches into yummy and exciting adventures.

Mom Hack: This is also a great way to create bite-sized fun shapes in fruit, cheese, meat and healthy pancakes.

preparing for daycare

Pack a variety of food in the lunchbox

This tip is from the mom whose kid eats all kinds of food at daycare but at home just white food.  At home getting your toddler to try new foods—or to eat food they liked last week is a feat on its own. However, at daycare, your child will eat really well as they watch and copy other kids especially if they have a colorful and fun bento lunch.

Mom Hack: Daycare is a great way to get your kids to try new foods without begging, bribing or losing your mind.

preparing for daycare